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The Pop-Up-Shop promotes a lifestyle, a mirror image of the multifaceted world around us, a kaleidoscope of carefully chosen elements to facilitate the retail consumption experience to customers & fans. This idea has been created with the goal of forging a sustainable model that caters to SME’s within the retail market by bringing them under one roof & helping them grow both collectively and individually. We have always thought that cooperation always bears more fruit than competition, and it was on such intentions that The-Pop-Up-Shop was founded. Be it retro, vintage, home grown, ironically humorous, kitschy, aesthetic or simply functional, the Pop Up aims to amalgamate a diverse collection of designers & brands that stand out and are willing to share a space where they can collaborate, burgeon, & evolve. These include, but are not limited to, brands that sell everything from home accessories to clothing to funky gadgets and much more.

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11:00 AM : 10:00 PM


(+2) 01021873777


Building 5 – Ground & First Floor, Store #R4.7